Who Is Martin Ball?
Martin is a man on complete purpose, helping to inspire others to take action for their own life.  Martin is known as being the man who went from depression to inspiration.

In 2014, after two mental breakdowns, Martin was diagnosed with clinical depression. He had two moments where he almost took his life and was hospitalized for his own safety. Dave Cottam helped mentor and support Martin back into the community.

Today, Martin has helped hundreds of families experience a better life and has an incredible positive outlook on life. He has also built 6 figure businesses within the home based business arena and helps teach people daily on how to do the same.

Martin says…”The digital arena was one I was fearful of due to having no experience with it whatsoever. However, with this incredible 90% automated online system, it’s helped expand my reach to people all over the world giving me the ability to help them improve their lives and in doing so…my own life has improved.”

Martin and Dave work side by side to ensure every person they are fortunate to work with, has the best opportunity of achieving a lifestyle of freedom. 
  Who Is Dave Cottam?

Dave Cottam is a health and fitness enthusiast, which fits in perfectly with his role as a Holistic Health Coach. 

A Gold Medal winner for European Lacrosse he knows the work needed to succeed. 

He is the co-founder of Lifestyle by Laptop alongside Martin Ball.

In only 2 and a half years in the home based business Industry , he has built 2 successful home based businesses and has coached hundreds of digital home based business owners to success through mindset, marketing and sales coaching.

And now with his vision to share his simple formula of ethical, authentic business strategies and the tips to create an income using the new economy, Dave along with his team have created Lifestyle by Laptop to bring simple education to the world and to teach how to create an income from home.

Dave believes that any coach, coaching business should have a successful business of their own in order to give them credibility, to practise what they preach and share their strategies of how they have built their business with others. Lifestyle by Laptop does just that, bringing together the best in the business, to guide you to success.

Join Us Today And We Will Help YOU Experience A Life Of Positivity And FREEDOM!
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Martin and Dave's Vision...
  •  To empower everyday people to create an extraordinary life through education for home based businesses in the new economy 
  •  To empower regular Mums and Dads to create an amazing lifestyle and generational changes 
  •   To help people live the life they have always dreamt of, financially free and a Lifestyle by Laptop